WoW: Legion Developer Interview By Icy-Veins

Icy Veins got a chance to sit down with Tom Chilton and Ion Hazzikostas and ask them questions about Legion. You can find the full interview here and the summary below:

  • Demon Hunters will use leather.
  • You will not loot weapons in Legion, instead the artifacts will use Relic slots. These will allow the stats to improve as you kill bosses.
  • Legion takes place in our universe. No alternate universe stuff.
  • Karazhan “is an important place”.
  • Classes and specs will be changed in Legion.
    • To differentiate specs, the devs are going to try and de-homogenize the classes.
    • Survival will be a melee spec with a pet.
    • MM a ranged dps without pet spec.
    • BM a ranged dps with pet spec.
    • Demonology will be brought back to being about summoning and controlling demons.
  • There is no stat squish planned for Legion.
  • Professions are getting a lot of new things. The professions team is the largest it’s ever been.
  • No release date yet – The full cinematic is still being worked on, it’s not quite complete yet.
  • Order Halls will be very different from the Garrison.

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