WoW: Legion Dev Interviews

In the past 2 days more dev interviews have taken place, below is the new information that we’ve obtained per interview:

By BlizzPlanet:

  • In 7.0 they want to have the story develop in the outdoor world gameplay at level 110.
  • We will get a 12th character slot.
  • You can transmog over your Artifact weapon if you want to.
  • The role of Illidan is something for the player to discover. The Illidan storyline will carry through the entire expansion.
  • Many of the social interaction improvements are still just ideas at the moment. An example is when you and your friend are seperatly queued for the same thing, you get a pop up asking if you would like to join your friend.
  • It might be possible to put moose horns on your tauren in the future, but for now there are no plans for it.

By Vanion:

  • Raiding has worked out well for Warlords, but they want to improve loot and more specifically personal loot in Legion.
  • They do not know yet what type of quality the Artifact weapon will be. They have multiple ideas.
  • There will be no catch up mechanics for Artifacts for alts.
  • There might be a catch up mechanic for Artifacts of your different specs.
  • They might not add mythic dungeons at the start of Legion.
  • Challenge modes might not be added in legion. They do like them, but want to make them more accessible.


  • With the demon hunter being a leather user there will now be 4 leather users and 2 mail users (in terms of classes). They feel that this is not a real problem due to the addition of personal loot. In organized raiding, the set pieces aren’t shared by all leather users so only bracers, belt and boots are left. Additionally, from a fantasy perspective it’s only right that they use leather.
  • The demon hunter will get a new weapon type: the glaive. This will work out with the Artifacts for this expansion, but in future expansions they might have to go to dual wielding the existing weapon types.
  • If they could go back in time perhaps rogues would have only 2 specs.
  • Discipline will be focused on the atonement mechanic. They will deal damage to heal players. They’ll be more 50% damage, 50% healing compared to holy which is 100% healing.
  • The expansion after Legion is already being planned.


  • Legion will be released next year.
  • They are not sure how Dalaran will be handled in terms of Horde vs Alliance areas.

By GameStar:

  • They do not base their decisions on the subscriber numbers. They learn lessons from what they felt they did wrong.
  • They do not know what their patch plans are going to be yet for Legion.
  • 6.1 was not named correctly
  • Legion will offer a large content spectrum, they want to improve the endgame experience.


  • They want the transmog system to be more easy to use. It should be more like a dressing¬† room and you can see what you can still unlock.
  • They find it interesting that some players don’t want Sylvanas to end up as a raid boss.
  • The hunter changes will represent the most significant class changes.
  • Despite the feeling that some players have that so many lore threads are being tied together in Legion, they are confident that they will have plenty of ideas for future expansions.
  • While Artifacts can be transmogged into old weapons, old weapons can not be transmogged into the Artifacts.
  • The new PvP system¬† will allow them to make the game better. (PvP vs PvE tuning)


Summary of Dev interview by Icy Veins

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