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Blizzard had a Live Q&A on their livestream on twitch with Dave Kosak and Cory Stockton, here’s a summary of it (the VoD will be added later):

  • Originally the Garrisons were really big and it didn’t feel like something you built yourself.
  • You will not have access to the highest tier items with Garrison profession buildings if they are not one of your character’s professions.
  • When you’re in a group you can choose whose Garrison you enter.
  • Your friends can help you fight off the Garrison invasions.
  • The rare mobs and treasures give you a break from regular questing.
  • The max level areas will feel most like the timeless isle, they’ll be dynamic
  • Every week or so you’ll get a new weekly garrison story quest.
  • For the legendary ring you’ll be working with Khadgar to make it.
    • There will be no pvp quests.
    • There will be no rep grinds.
    • You’ll be able to start the quest at lvl 98.
  • Instead of dismissing followers you’ll be able to just deactivate them.
    • There will be a (gold) cost for reactivating them.
    • You will be able to reactivate one per day.
  • Outside of the 7 racial factions if you’re a Death Knight you’ll also be able to get DK guards for your Garrison.
    • You’ll need exalted with Knights of the Ebon Blade.
  • The Shadow Hunters will be Vol’jins bodyguards and eyes and ears.
  • Rexxar is in the max level content.
  • Magtheridon will probably not be in WoD.
  • The workshop will have an item called “the nuke” which has a day cooldown.

There hasn’t been much news in WoW this week, not even a new beta patch. However we did get a few interesting tweets.

Muffinus teased 7 rare mounts for Draenor that are in the time-lost protodrake style! They are however much less cruel to the collector than the previous mounts.

Proving Grounds

Celestalon let us know that you’ll be able to access proving grounds at level 30 (at the very least the bronze version) and that the npcs will scale up to your item level instead of your gear being scaled down in the future!

No Podcast This Weekend

And then to end tonight’s post, there will not be a podcast this week. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out our new show Don’t Stand In The Fire!

EU Beta Character Copies, Blood Elf Models Not At Launch WoD, Trolls Will Be

It looks like character copies are on the horizon for EU players in the WoD beta!

Quote from: Blizzard
EU character copies are coming. We’re hoping to have them functional in the next major build.To give a little insight: the beta realms are located in one of our North American datacenters. European characters are, obviously, located in European datacenters. For a number of obscure technical reasons, getting those datacenters to securely communicate with each other to transfer character data has been a much larger challenge than we expected.We think we’ve got it solved, though, so (fingers crossed) you should be able to copy your characters soon!

Chris Robinson, Senior Art Director at Blizzard, has gone to twitter to explain that sadly the blood elf model update will not make it at the WoD launch. However the Trolls will still make it for launch! The artcraft should come next week or the week after.

This week’s podcast is now up on the interwebs! This week we talk about various models in the WoD Alpha datamined by mmo-champion, the consequences of a talent like Lone Wolf, the class accessories preview and the effect of the long wait time for WoD.

The WoW Weekly Podcast’s new episode is up! This week we talk about the announced item upgrades in patch 5.4.8, old design tweets from Cory Stockton and if there should be additional things added to WoD that haven’t been announced yet.