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In Warlords of Draenor there are many rares in each zone, a lot of them are to kill while leveling to diversify the leveling experience. It’s a combined and improved version of leveling and the timeless isle. To help you keep track of them all we’ve compiled a list of all the rares we’ve been able to find. Remember WoD is still in beta, anything can change. If we missed any feel free to leave a comment with the location and name of the rare mob or event. Click on the map for a full size version.

Number Rare Name Image Comments
1 Blade-Dancer Aeryx  photo SpiresofArakRare1_zpsafc165de.jpg
2 Shadowbark  photo SpiresofArakRare2_zps4e2ff1cf.jpg
3 Poisonmaster Bortusk  photo SpiresofArakRare3_zps8ac58ebf.jpg
4 Kalos the Bloodbathed  photo SpiresofArakRare4_zps8dfccecb.jpg
5 Nas Dunberlin  photo SpiresofArakRare5_zps32b90b57.jpg
6 Tesska the Broken  photo SpiresofArakRare6_zpsafce0a4d.jpg
7 Betsi Boombasket  photo SpiresofArakRare7_zpsb61d428a.jpg
8 Jiasska the Sporegorger  photo SpiresofArakRare8_zps4fb9fa48.jpg
9 Mutafen Image Missing
10 Spawn of Sethe  photo SpiresofArakRare10_zpsf1904651.jpg
11 Oskiira  photo SpiresofArakRare11_zps2a468aa3.jpg
12 Durkath Steelmaw  photo SpiresofArakRare12_zps2f13d476.jpg
13 Stonespite  photo SpiresofArakRare13_zps99ca6dfb.jpg
14 Stingtail Nest  photo SpiresofArakRare14_zpsaf5e681e.jpg
15 Swarmleaf  photo SpiresofArakRare15_zps24b08c72.jpg
16 Talonbreaker  photo SpiresofArakRare16_zpsc71efe78.jpg
17 Varasha  photo SpiresofArakRare17_zps0d44b9d6.jpg Drops Hydraling pet
18 Gaze  photo SpiresofArakRare18_zps0982d92b.jpg Click the tome in the building to summon Gaze
19 Solar Magnifier  photo SpiresRare19_zpse0a65ffd.jpg
20 Festerbloom  photo SpiresRare20_zps02aba8d4.jpg
21 Blightglow  photo SpiresRare21_zpsb1a85127.jpg


Note: Since the beta ended this follower has a standard rare quality instead of epic!

When browsing the possible followers to get there’s a few that will catch your eye. One of them is Phylarch the Evergreen. He’s a level 100 follower and is of epic quality to boot! The rarity of a follower indicates how many abilities and traits they have. The epic ones give a lot compared to the regular uncommon ones. So naturally this is one you might want to get. Here’s a quick guide (the process itself is far from quick) in the steps for how to get him.

To start off you have to get a Tier 3 Lumber Mill. So here’s a list of things you have to do to get that:

  • Build the tier 1 lumber mill, this is a Medium building.
  • Once you are able to buy the blueprints for the tier 2 lumber mill do so. You can buy it with an Outpost Building Assembly Notes item or with gold.
  • This is where it gets really grindy. You will have to complete the achievement Upgrading the Mill. I’ll explain this one below.
  • Once you have the achievement you can buy the tier 3 lumber mill and upgrade it.
  • Now that you have the tier 3 lumber mill go out into the world (Spires of Arak / Nagrand) to chop down Large Timber.
  • Keep doing this until you have defeated Phylarch the Evergreen in battle 3 times. (He does not spawn at every Large Timber, it can take a while)
  • Accept his surrender and his offer to become your newest garrison follower!

Upgrading the Mill

To get the Tier 3 blueprints for your garrison buildings you will have to complete achievements, and this one is an ugly murlock’s uncle if there ever was one.

You have to turn in 75 work orders and complete 2 quests. Considering at level 2 you’ll be able to turn in 3 work orders per day it will take you a total of 25 days to complete. Each work order takes 50 timber and currently gives you 100 garrison resources with a chance of some Apexis Crystals. So for the first part of this achievement you’ll have to farm your timber diligently every day for 25 days.

Legacy of the Ancients

You will need a tier 2 lumber mill for this. There’s a chance you can come across an Ancient looking tree which is gray. When you try to cut him down he will attack you and you need to kill him. Once you do it will give you a quest to get the cores of 4 other trees in 4 zones. If you’re leveling up it might take a while as one of them is Nagrand, which is the final leveling zone. Once you have all 4 cores turn them in at the lumbe rmill and that’ll be the end of that.


Reduction in Force

For this quest you will need the Follower Weldon Barov. This is a follower you can only get if you have the lumber mill. In a couple of zones, one of which is Nagrand you’ll see a fallen tree on someone. Chop it up into pieces and voila you’ll have another follower!

Around level 96 (unconfirmed which level) he will give you the quest to get the head of a Barov member. You’ll need to chop down small timber until he spawns.

Closing Thoughts

The sheer amount of time and farming it takes to get this follower certainly will hold some off from getting this follower. The amount of abilities and traits that he has makes it very worth it. And if that isn’t enough for you, maybe the additional 5 achievement points for getting an epic follower are?

Zone Preview: Spires of Arak

Quote from: Blizzard

In our latest Warlords of Draenor zone preview, we turn our gaze upward to the beautiful Spires of Arak. Here, the winged arakkoa plot atop their high perches, well out of the reach of the brutal Shattered Hand orcs and the cursed wingless outcasts below.

Located in the southernmost part of Draenor, the Spires of Arak is a zone of soaring heights and shadow-drenched crags—but as with much of the planet, the beauty of this place hides something sinister. Game Designer Don Adams and Associate Quest Designer Johnny Cash fill us in on what to expect.

What awaits players among the Spires of Arak?

Don Adams: First of all, we love the arakkoa, and we knew players would be excited to see them again. The Spires of Arak is their home territory, so it felt like the right place to really dive in and explore their culture. We already teased the flying arakkoa at BlizzCon, but players might be surprised to find the familiar cursed arakkoa from The Burning Crusade there too, only with a fancy new model. We felt it was important to portray both sides of the arakkoa, and their duality gave us some interesting themes to draw on throughout the zone.

In The Burning Crusade, the arakkoa of Skettis had pretty much fallen entirely into evil, but in Warlords of Draenor we see them at a crossroads. They’re outcasts, hated and oppressed by the flying arakkoa who are torching their villages with an enormous beam weapon fixed atop Skyreach. To make matters worse, the Shattered Hand orcs have begun expanding into the region, killing anyone in their path. These arakkoa outcasts are caught between several enemies, and they really have nobody on their side before you show up.

Over the course of the zone, you’re helping this shady resistance group of cursed arakkoa to make their final stand. You’re learning about the curse they bear, the ancient gods of their land, and the very real threat posed by the Adherents of Rukhmar, the ruling caste of zealous arakkoa in Skyreach. Your adventure leads to two climactic events in the zone: one involving the plight of the outcasts against the flying arakkoa, and another focusing on the Shattered Hand fortress of Bladefist Hold.

What’s the zone’s ambience like?

Don Adams: You first enter the zone through a mountain pass that shows off some of the harsher elements of the landscape. Boulders are suspended overhead by huge thorny vines reaching out from the mountainside. As you progress down the path, arakkoa refugees push past you in a mass exodus from Skettis. You reach a dramatic vista to see Skyreach looming high above a forest canopy stretching out into the horizon.

Skyreach and its satellite spires maintain an imposing presence throughout the entire zone. You can look up and see them from pretty much anywhere—a constant reminder of the threat looming overhead.

Overall, the vibe in the zone is dire and dark, with hints of light scattered throughout. You are helping these underdogs, and they’re extremely shady and creepy, but you can sense some potential within them. Hopefully players will connect with the cursed arakkoa and forgive them for the whole “monstrous kaliri” thing back in Terokkar.

What are some of your favorite locations in the zone?

Don Adams: You can get a great sense of the look and feel of the Spires of Arak from the Artcraft post detailing the zone’s level design and environment art. The forested regions are dark and mysterious, while the sun-bathed coastal plains are blanketed in brilliant wildflowers. There are contrasting visuals throughout the zone, and yet somehow it all feels tied together.

One of my favorite areas has to be Skettis, with its narrow alleys that evoke the feeling of a bustling bazaar; the wild, uprooted terrain; and precarious walls. We wanted to show that a landslide had swept through the city, and you can actually follow the wash all the way down the mountain to find more ruined pieces settled in the ponds below. Skettis is such a great intro to the zone, offering a straight-on view of the glorious Skyreach from the dilapidated slums full of squatting outcasts.

I also absolutely fell in love with the Howling Crag, which is a bonus objective area on the northeastern side of the zone. The canyons, caves, and land bridges crisscrossing through the area create this very cool vertical element with several tiers of gameplay space. The place really feels hidden, and since we don’t explicitly send you there for quests, you get to discover and explore it on your own.

One last area I’d like to call out is Veil Akraz, one of the outcast villages blasted by the Skyreach beam weapon. It’s such a great display of the destructive power in the hands—talons?—of the Adherents of Rukhmar. You really get the sense that this was an idyllic little outcast village, and now it’s an inferno with a scar of glassed earth running through the center.

What outposts will players be able to build in the Spires of Arak, and how do they impact the Garrison?

Johnny Cash: Alliance commanders, your Garrison forces have established Southport on the western coast as your home away from home in the Spires of Arak. Horde, your forces have erected Axefall not far inland. Heroes of both factions, you’ll quickly find that your outpost is struggling to survive.

As you quest through the Spires of Arak, you’ll be presented with the choice to construct an Inn to help you house more soldiers and supplies or a Trading Post to establish trade agreements with friendly locals. Which building you choose to construct also leads to a unique quest line.

Based on your choice, you’ll receive a powerful ability usable within the Spires of Arak. The Inn lets you hearth to your outpost on a very short cooldown and also gives you the ability to gain rested experience anywhere in the zone. The Trading Post grants you the ability to call in a smuggling run, which lets you purchase rare and powerful goods unavailable elsewhere—you’ll find these very helpful as you battle the Adherents of Rukhmar and the Shattered Hand.

To the south of your outpost, Rivett Clutchpop has set off with the Steamwheedle Draenor Expedition on a daring drilling venture. However, something has gone terribly wrong, and you’re the only one who can help. After rescuing Rivett and his crew, you’ll receive blueprints to construct a Salvage Yard at your Garrison. Your Salvage Yard will offer you a daily selection of, well, salvage. Sometimes you’ll get vendor fodder, but there’s always a chance your hardworking salvage crew will find something truly tantalizing.

The zone has a little something for everyone, and there are tons of other surprises waiting as you brave its formidable terrain.