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Hello everyone,

Euxxa here.  I wanted to share something with you that has been a subject of high importance for me for a long time:  the class specializations in World of Warcraft.  This is my first post here in WoW Weekly and hopefully many more will follow.

So allow me to start off by asking the following question:  Are we playing a class exactly how our talent tree suggests?

Is our character really supposed to look, feel and perform the way we have come to know this far?

This question has haunted me for a while and now that we are approaching the release date of a new expansion, it becomes clear to me that this is not as trivial an argument as it may look.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that with a new expansion, we are given the opportunity to make big changes; correct errors of the past, address poor attempts to patch a problem or fix a mechanic that isn’t broken in the first place.

I wanted to write this article to share some of my views on this topic, debate on a few things that I feel at some point should be addressed and, why not, get feedback from what others may think of it – as I may be completely out of line here. So here it goes…

It starts with something as simple as: does my character play exactly as it’s supposed to? This may be a silly question at first but, before we can even begin to jump into the question and its subsequent response, let’s analyse a few things.

First of all, what each class is supposed to be?

WoW has taught the MMO industry that we can only play characters that belong to 3 very distinctive categories: Tanks, Healers and Damage Dealers. Is even easy to understand why this concept works so well, it’s easy! One takes the damage away from the group distracting from the rest, one keep that character alive while others kill the enemy. (more…)

Podcast Episode 21

Episode 21 of the podcast is up and this week we cover the increased subscriber numbers, the various hints towards a possible beta, the raid system change in 6.0 to Siege of Orgrimmar, Guild/Raid atmosphere and finally what we’d like to see if blizzard would choose to put another class into the game.

Often forum threads pop up over the web with fake information for new games or expansions to try and trick people. So take this with a grain of salt although looking at some of the responses and what we posted just a bit earlier about Rygarius’ tweet about patch notes it does look quite compelling. So it’s looking like more of a possibility that the Warlords of Draenor beta might be coming within the next month. What am I talking about? Well a poster on the MMO-Champion forums found the following image on the battle.net servers for the account pages:

Which by itself is a great thing to find, however another poster said the following:

The MoP one was discovered March 7th, the beta started March 22nd.

The original post was not even about this, in fact it was about PvP Lead Developer Holinka’s tweet:

Of course Holinka could be talking about a 6.0 pre expansion internal testing server, or even one just for WoD pvp changes. So take all these signs with a mountain of salt, but these things could indicate a possible beta within the next month. Hope for the best but assume the worst, but it certainly gets this warcraft player’s hopes high! We will of course continue to watch for any solid information concerning the beta in the weeks to come.