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Podcast Episode 48 Patch 6.0 Survival Guide

The podcast is back this week and we’re doing things a bit differently! Patch 6.0 is right around the corner so we’ll take you through all the major changes coming up soon!

The podcast is back this week and we talk about the physical collector’s edition dilemma, the removal of the legendary cloak quest chain in WoD, the chance for random bonuses on tier items and the professions in WoD.

Podcast Episode 46 WoD Raid Gear

The podcast is back this week and this week we talk about the bigger item level gap between raid difficulties and the possibility of mythic gear from rare garrison raid missions.

There hasn’t been much news in WoW this week, not even a new beta patch. However we did get a few interesting tweets.

Muffinus teased 7 rare mounts for Draenor that are in the time-lost protodrake style! They are however much less cruel to the collector than the previous mounts.

Proving Grounds

Celestalon let us know that you’ll be able to access proving grounds at level 30 (at the very least the bronze version) and that the npcs will scale up to your item level instead of your gear being scaled down in the future!

No Podcast This Weekend

And then to end tonight’s post, there will not be a podcast this week. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out our new show Don’t Stand In The Fire!

This week on the podcast we talk about two things Tom Chilton talked about in his Gamescom interviews: The legendaries and how we could see a legendary Gorehowl or Teron’gor’s staff and the possibility of just two raid tiers in Warlords of Draenor, depending on how quickly the expansion after WoD is developed.