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WoD Beta: Garrison Stables Final Quest and Mounts

As we slowly move towards the release of Warlords of Draenor there’s still some videos from our youtube channel to take a look at WoD! To start off we’ll take a look at the final Garrison Stables quest and the mounts you will receive from them.

The Alliance Chopper Is Riding into Azeroth!

The alliance chopper will be implemented ingame, however it will cost you gold to get it! How much is currently unknown.

Quote from:

Due to popular demand (and a few shady back-alley deals in Stormwind’s Old Town), the Alliance bike built for Azeroth Choppers will be rumbling its way to a vendor in Azeroth sometime after the launch of Warlords of Draenor. This mount will cost a pretty hefty sum of gold, however, so you might want to start saving up now if you want to ride around in style on this masterful machine. As a reminder, once the winning Horde Chopper is added to the game, it will be available for free to players who log in between now and September 30, 2014.


Remember, only characters of the associated faction will be able to ride each bike, so buyer beware!

A new mount has made it’s way into the blizzard store!

Quote from: Blizzard
New Warforged Nightmare Mount—Now Available

Charge into battle astride a Warforged Nightmare, unleashing unbridled chaos upon your enemies! Those who own this terrifying steed, crafted from cold steel and vengeful spirits by grandmaster smiths, are also able to place a Nightmarish Hitching Post. This mysterious artifact has the power to summon a Warforged Nightmare for every member of your war party strong enough to handle the reins and worthy enough to be given the honor.

The Warforged Nightmare mount is available now from the in-game Shop as well as the Battle.net Shop.

Once activated, this in-game mount key applies to all present and future World of Warcraft characters on a single North American Battle.net account.

Blizzard put a teaser out on twitter today, showing a new mount! It mentions using with friends so there’s a good possibility it’ll be a new recruit a friend mount!

Patch 5.4.7’s first PTR build will hit the PTR soon and the folks over at MMO-Champion have already data mined it. It’s looking to be the patch that will be needed to allow players instant access to a free lvl 90 when they buy Warlords of Draenor and both the Mount and Pet when you buy the Digital Deluxe edition of WoD. The mount is indeed the flying version of the Raven Lord Anzu, which was posted a few days ago on Warcraft’s facebook page. Check out the images below, originally from MMO-Champion.

The karazhan “event” has also gotten a new name “Karazhan: Adagio of Misery”. This could either be to continue joking around with it’s name changing each PTR patch or blizzard might be attempting another go at getting the Karazhan event to work. Keep in mind though that they’ve already said that it just didn’t work out with their tech. So it’s unlikely that they are still putting resources into it, but we can certainly hope!

There were also some strings datamined, including the words “veteran bonus”.
CHARACTER_UPGRADE_PROFESSION_BOOST – |cff00ff00Veteran Bonus:|r |cffffffffLevel 60+ characters will also receive a skill level boost to their primary professions.|r

Now this could mean a few things, and remember this is all speculation.

  • All level boosted characters get their primary professions boosted up to current content.
  • All characters who reach lvl 60 (or are higher) get their primary professions boosted.
  • We could possibly be seeing a “veteran bonus” for players who have been playing WoW for a long time, which would be easier profession leveling on alt characters.
  • The “veteran bonus” could also be for everyone who has atleast an X amount of lvl 90 characters, making lvling professions on alts easier. X could of course be just 1.

As a final mention, the Prideful Gladiator items, which were put in for a possible and now confirmed extra arena season, have received and item level boost from 540 to 550. Putting it at a higher level than Siege of Orgrimmar Flex raid rewards. In an ongoing discussion on the US WoW forums about it making PvP items more desirable for raiding than Flex items, Community Manager Lore had the following to say:

Quote from: Blizzard
It’s important to remember that Flex gear can be upgraded to item level 548, and has extra advantages through things like sockets and set bonuses. We don’t feel that the extra 2 item levels on Prideful pieces are going to make them more desirable for Flex raiders.

You can follow the discussion on the US forums here.

No matter how it goes, this is another stepping stone towards Warlords of Draenor. Any new information is great and hopefully we’ll be seeing more shortly.