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Hi I am Matt aka Vivii and I will be writing blogs for the website every now and then and this is my first one! Hope you enjoy and any feedback is always welcome.

As a lot of people are aware blizzard has always put a lot of thought into their back story and lore around what they are producing. Such as a series of books regarding more of the ancient lore. However, this is not what i wanted to talk about in this blog. I wanted to concentrate on the more recent developments that we have seen in the last expansion when it comes to storytelling and put my idea’s forward on where we could go in the future. So lets get started.

Mini Series

As many people who enjoy World of Warcraft  know, in MoP, Blizzard embarked on something a little different to what they have previously done. They decided to do that, to help people understand more of the emperor they would hear much about during the quest lines and adventuring around the land of Pandaria. This was called The Burdens of Shaohao and this explain to us the story of the last emperor of Pandaria and the struggles that he would overcome and also the issues he had along the way. I liked this series and found the artwork and the way it was presented really good and for once i actually paid attention to the Lore! Normally i would speak to Mezzy or LJ and they would explain all the lore i did not know/understand, but this for me made it more accessible. The pace of the series was decent and it never felt a chore to watch any episode.

From this first project they have now moved onto the “Lords of War” to help give every day gamers who do not know much about the lore of WoW and the past of Draenor a chance to learn about who they will be fighting. We’ve only seen the first episode at the time i am writing this but all i can say regarding the first episode is wow. I just loved it. The main thing i like about the first episode is just how dark it is and again the pace of it. I also love that it is from the alliances point of view with Vindicator Maraad giving his knowledge to the King. If this is a sample of things to come regards the rest of the series i just can not wait for the rest of the series.

What i would like now is for Blizzard to extend this style of series to explain more of the Lore that there is in wow. Just imagine a series explaining other iconic events in wow. Such as stories around Illidan, Arthas and other bad guys from the world. I think these would go down well if they are done in a similar style to the recent series. I believe this would be a very worthwhile as there are allot of people who do not read the books and quite allot of players who never played the original warcraft games. For me it depends how the rest of this series is received and how much time they have. That depends on how long this new expansion is going to be and only time will tell.

Online Comic Series

Blizzard have also been tapping into another resource that they used a while back and that is comics but this time they are free online (to be fair i may be incorrect but i do not believe the others were free online). These original series lasted from 2007 through to 2009 with 4 story arcs.

Now they have started with WoD and i have to say i was impressed by the first comic release called “Guldan the Stranger”. Again another form of media to give more of a back story to some of those pesky orcs! I like the artwork and also like the flow of it. It leaves me looking forward to the rest of the series and hoping for more of the same. Hopefully it will be released to coincide with the Lords of War mini series and really add depth to all of the characters.



Overall these other media outlets that are being used do add a lot to the story. They help explain why you should hate or love the character they are about. With the burdens of Shaohao it was seeing the struggles that the last emperor had to go through and actually caring about his plight. In the first Lords of War it really made you realise how much of a bad ass that Kargath actually is. The first time i watched them they had the wow factor that has been missing from the game in recent years and do make you excited about what you may now face in the game. This is the reaction that Blizzard will want and i believe it is the reaction that they are getting. Hopefully the rest of the series continues in this trend and makes every one of us just want to kick the Orcs ass!  As an extra piece of content i love the comic i like the way its produces and the look of it. Again i am looking forward to more. So all in all i believe that these extra pieces of media that are using are a benefit to the World of Warcraft and should continue and expanded upon. They should not be limited to “current” content. If this happens there will be a lot of extra people. I know there may be a couple of this missed out but for me these are the two main things so hope you enjoyed the read!





A new beta patch was deployed tonight and it brought the new Warlords login screen. Welcome back to the Dark Portal! Click on the image for a full screen version.


Blizzard also released a new short story about Garrosh’s time in Draenor after he first goes there, setting the expansion in motion! If you have the time, it’s definitely worth the read!

Quote from: Blizzard
Read Hellscream, the prelude to Warlords of Draenor

“We will never be slaves! But we will be conquerors…”

The pit lord Mannoroth is dead.

Gul’dan and his followers are in chains.

In one night, Grommash Hellscream exposed and thwarted the forces that meant to subjugate the orcs. In one night, Hellscream proved himself a worthy warchief to the Iron Horde and set his people on a violent collision course with another world in another time.

But this was not meant to be. Who warned Hellscream of Gul’dan’s treachery? Who convinced him that Azeroth was a foe worth defeating at all costs?

Before Gul’dan’s dramatic fall, two strangers arrived on Draenor: Garrosh Hellscream, the deposed warchief of the Horde on Azeroth, and Kairozdormu, a bronze dragon whose motivations were clouded in mystery. The newest World of Warcraft short story, “Hellscream,” reveals how their actions on Draenor have placed all living beings on Azeroth in mortal peril. Read the short story here, and then delve deeper into the events surrounding the Iron Horde invasion in our lore archives:


Quote from: Blizzard
New World of Warcraft Comic: Gul'dan and the Stranger

The drums of war have begun to sound for Draenor’s orcs, and the power-mad warlock Gul’dan is the latest to play them. Brimming with fel energy, Gul’dan is convinced that his people will gain glory and strength if they only kneel to the demonic Burning Legion. But a hooded stranger has recently arrived in Gul’dan’s camp with a somewhat… contradictory vision.

The stranger has walked in places where terrifying war machines will soon shake the earth. From the smoldering ridges of Gorgrond to the hunting grounds of Nagrand, he watches over the orcish ranks, stoking their dreams of a united Horde: pure, free, and utterly dominant. And he has a message for Gul’dan.

We invite you to read and download the free comic, “Gul’dan and the Stranger,” written by Micky Neilson and illustrated by Alex Horley.

Learn more about Gul’dan’s past and future at Characters of Warcraft: Gul’dan.