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We’ll be liveblogging the new information from the Legion Q&A here:

  • When we discover Alleria and Turalyon you will change the way you view WoW
  • Subraces for the models is something they will do, but there’s no ETA as it presents difficulties
  • The traditional guild is something they’re going to look at, due to the way group finder has made realms less important it’s something they’ll look at.
  • The achievement to fully unlock flying will not be fully unlockable at launch.
  • We’ll see Bolvar Fordragon somewhere. Beyond this expansion.. absolutely.. we’ll see
  • Stuff like green fire for warlocks for other quests is something they’ll have to see.. they are focussing on class content
  • They’re looking at changing tapping mobs. E.g. when someone taps a mob, you could still attack it as well to get experience and quest credit.
  • They still have the goal of expansions more quickly, but the emphasis is on quality. The team is bigger, expansions could come out faster. Not necesarily once per year.
  • The tomb of sargeras is a monument. That may change.
  • Something they’d like to do for guilds is have someone be able to be in multiple guilds at the same time.
  • There will be no new battleground in Legion. They are focussing on the new pvp system.
  • There are no plans to update zones such as the draenei starting area.
  • The burning legion will invade different zones.
  • All keystones will have the same affixes (e.g. enrage) for the same week.
  • Titan’s grip for Fury warrios is “alive and well”.
  • 1 Burning Legion transcending reality:
    • Legion is going to answer the questions
    • On Archimonde: “we’re working on some kinks there”
  • Scenario’s as something in Mists of Pandaria to queue up for will not come back
    • They will be used for quests
  • There will be a lot of catch up mechanics for the 2nd and 3rd artifact weapons.
  • Relics are like the standard weapon drops.. you will have to choose which artifact it goes in. Much like you need to loot different weapons for different specs.
  • In Legion you will have Tri-spec! For druids all 4, for demon hunters 2!


We’ll be liveblogging the Game Systems Panel here:

  • They’re going to talk about items, professions, classes, demon hunters
  • Artifacts and Class Halls:
    • The Deadwind Harvester, a Scythe created by Sargeras. For the affliction Warlock.
      • You’re going to open a gateway to a demon world.
      • You’ll go into the catacombs of Karazhan and follow the steps of the dark riders.
      • Every time you kill something you steal a soul, the artifact will light up and increase your spell damage.
    • You will use Artifact Power to power up your artifact.
      • Earn it from:
        • Quest bosses
        • Rare spawns
        • Rare drops
        • Dungeon/Raid Bosses
        • Winning Arena/Battleground
      • You will use it to unlock Artifact Traits. (similar to talents)
        • Editor’s note: some of them are similar to the very old talent system that was used up to cataclysm
        • You will be able to unlock all of the traits eventually
    • You can loot relics to socket into your artifact to increase it’s power.
      • They also give you bonus ranks to traits. E.g. if 1 trait has 3 ranks it could get a 4th rank!
      • They’ll allow you to customize your character. Do you want to focus on burst damage? for example
      • They have different types. For example the Scythe has 2 different slot types. Meaning you can put 2 relics in your artifact.
    • At level 110 you can upgrade your artifact through a quest chain and dungeons.
      • This will also unlock a new model.
    • As previously announced, you’ll be able to unlock different colors for the same model.
  • Class Halls:
    • They’ll be at a location that strongly represents the class
    • The druid class hall will be shown today
      • They should be surrounded by nature
      • It’s called The Dreamgrove
      • The influence of the Emerald Dream can be felt there
    • You’ll be able to empower your Artifact in the class hall
    • You’ll encounter Class Champions, which are different from garrison followers
    • You’ll have a Scouting Map, which will expose new content to you over time
    • There will be mini quests like demon hunting and pick pocketing
    • There will be special class features
      • Hunters: Eagles that will give them access to a special flight network that noone else has
      • Druids: Dream portals to travel around
      • Warriors: An arena
    • Every class will have their own spell like death gate to quickly get to the class hall
      • Hunters will be picked up by eagles


Blizzcon being Blizzcon, interviews and discussions occur outside of the panels here’s the first 2! Oh and you can read up on each of the Artifacts coming in Legion!

GamesBeat Transmog Interview

GamesBeat had an interview covering the new transmog system.

  • The transmog system will work like the D3 transmog system.
  • This will include tabards.
  • Just like in D3 when you obtain an item it’ll unlock the appearance, meaning you will be able to clear out your bank and void storage!

The Instance Community Discussion

Some of the more gameplay oriented details are below, but you should check out the full discussion in the video!

  • Talent trees are much different per spec compared to in WoD
  • You will go to your class hall multiple times per day. They will have some special features for you to want to stay around for.
  • Jaina will not play a huge role in Legion
  • They want you to be able to continue questing at max level if that’s the type of content you enjoy doing
  • Class specific blogs will start coming out on Sunday
  • Because of Artifacts and the variation in gameplay they’ll provide, set bonuses will be less powerful

Legion: Artifact Overview

Quote from: Blizzard
Legion: Artifact Overview

Only Azeroth’s most seasoned veterans possess the fortitude to wield Artifacts of legend against the Burning Legion. Your myth-forged weapon grows in power as you do, and your choices will change its abilities and the way it looks, sounds, and feels in combat. Fashion your Artifact into the perfect instrument of battle, and guide your faction in its most desperate hour.

Take a moment to check out some more details for each class and the various Artifact Weapons that will be available to them in Legion Class Features page!

We’ll bee liveblogging the Legion Overview here:

  • New features will be announced today!
  • On our Azeroth Gul’dan heard the voice of Kil’jaeden
    • He gave Gul’dan the near infinite knowledge of the burning legion
    • Gul’dan opened the portal at the Tomb of Sargeras
  • The cinematic shown today, ties directly into the main game.
  • The Broken Shore is ground zero for the legion invasion
    • A 40 person scenario for Horde and Alliance (20 horde, 20 alliance)
    • The story will be established here, starts right after the cinematic
  • Demon Hunter info:
    • The starting experience bridges the story from the burning crusade to legion
    • You invade a demon world, Mardum
    • It was a former prison world that Sargeras shattered
    • New demons:
      • The Imp Mother
      • Jailer
      • Inquisitor
      • More unnamed demons
    • You will steal abilities from powerful demons
    • You will get a special demon hunter mount: the Fel Saber
    • Mardum is only the first half of the intro experience
    • The second half is in the Vault of the Wardens
    • You will join a faction, establish the Order Hall and …
    • You get a quest for your Artifact Warglaives