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The Alliance Chopper Is Riding into Azeroth!

The alliance chopper will be implemented ingame, however it will cost you gold to get it! How much is currently unknown.

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Due to popular demand (and a few shady back-alley deals in Stormwind’s Old Town), the Alliance bike built for Azeroth Choppers will be rumbling its way to a vendor in Azeroth sometime after the launch of Warlords of Draenor. This mount will cost a pretty hefty sum of gold, however, so you might want to start saving up now if you want to ride around in style on this masterful machine. As a reminder, once the winning Horde Chopper is added to the game, it will be available for free to players who log in between now and September 30, 2014.


Remember, only characters of the associated faction will be able to ride each bike, so buyer beware!

Friday Morning News: Get to Your Choppa!, Rest Of Tanaan In Content Patch, Beta Patch Delayed

We got a tiny update on the Chopper from Azeroth Choppers.

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Get to Your Choppa!

The Horde chopper is on its way, and you need to log in now to claim it!

Your votes for Azeroth Choppers were counted, and one faction’s war cry roared loudest: the Horde bike will now be turned into a mount in World of Warcraft! Anyone who logs in to the game between now and September 30, 2014 will automatically have their account flagged to receive the Horde chopper upon the release of the upcoming Warlords of Draenor expansion. Everyone can (and should!) claim their chopper by logging in now, but as a reminder, only your Horde characters will be able to mount up and take it for a ride.

It turns out we’ll return to Tanaan Jungle (after the intro event) in a later patch!

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It’s not just Frostfire and Shadowmoon. Most Draenor zones have additional content at level 100. For example, there’s a bunch of content involving Shattrath at level 100 that we alluded to in the recent Talador preview:Even once the Iron Horde is routed out of Shattrath, the city will not remain safe for long, as new foes are waiting to emerge and lay claim to the city. The Sargerai are a sect of draenei who have aligned themselves with the Shadow Council to usher Gul’dan’s twisted schemes into fruition.

As to Tanaan, the rest of the zone has always been planned as patch content. The area past the Dark Portal is where the Iron Horde has amassed the majority of its army and resources. Naturally, it’s going to take some time for the Alliance and Horde to prepare to assault that directly.

And then finally/sadly, the WoD Beta patch has not finished being applied yet due to a power outage.

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Unfortunately due to the power outage that occurred our staff was forced to leave the office. As such, we won’t be able to finish the push tonight and bring the realms up.

The final Azeroth Choppers episode has been released!

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The votes have been cast and the results are tallied. In the final episode of Azeroth Choppers, the teams come together at Blizzard HQ to find out which bike is destined for digital glory. Will it be Alliance? Their faction outnumbers the Horde in-game. Or will the thunder of the Horde’s war cry be loud enough to seal their victory?

Thank you for tuning in to Azeroth Choppers and making your faction proud! We can’t wait to show you the in-game version of the winning chopper—stay tuned for further updates.

Also the Guardian Cub will be retiring soon, so if you still want to get one now would be the time to do so!

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The Guardian Cub Heading into the Blizzard Archive

In approximately two weeks (no sooner than June 18), the titanically cute Guardian Cub will vanish from the Battle.net Shop and head into hibernation in the Blizzard Archive. If you’ve been thinking about adopting this in-game pet, now’s your chance before it’s no longer available for purchase.

To pick up this pet or learn more about how it differs from other purchasable companions, visit the Battle.net Shop here.

Azeroth Choppers Episode 7—Vote Now!

The newest Azeroth Chopper is up and with it the voting has begun! Voting is open until Monday, and the winner will be put in the game as a free mount for everyone on that faction.

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Azeroth Choppers Episode 7—Vote Now!

Prepare for battle! Armor has been polished and blades sharpened—the bikes are finally revealed for the first time and ready for your votes! Back at Blizzard HQ, team Horde and team Alliance eagerly await seeing their completed bikes fired up for the first time.

Head over to www.AzerothChoppers.com NOW to cast your vote for your favorite bike and let your faction’s war cry be heard with #AzerothChoppers.