Pyrruss’ Puzzlings, The First Post!

Hi guys, I’m WoW Weekly’s newest columnist, Zoe, aka Pyrruss. This will be a small column focusing on the lighter side of WoW and my adventures within it! For this week though, I thought it would be nice to know where I’ve come from.

I started WoW at the very beginning, I even tried a little of the beta via a friend who had it. I created my little Tauren shaman called Pyrrus on The Maelstrom, here I began what was to be an epic adventure!
Back then it took a loooooong time to level, I only hit 60 about 2 weeks before the AQ event and try as I might I didn’t manage to attend and join in as I was only half way through the questline and a guild opened it at like 4am so I missed out. Still bugs me today lol!

I started raiding and cleared everything bar naxx as my guild were stuck on 4 horsemen… That really was a horrific fight back then…
Raided with some pretty awesome guilds in TBC, even applied to Nihilium but I was declined once I had the vent interview ’cause I’m female! Certainly laughable now! After realm hopping a lot I ended up on Karazhan with some IRL friends and flirted with being a GM and raid leader before practically quitting for health stuff. When Onyxia was re-released I was asked to help a friend and his guild kill her and ended up joining , whom I’m still with in theory today.

Over the next few weeks I’ll tell you more of what’s been happening with lunacy and where I am living now then I’ll get onto the fun things like stories, stupidity and stuff! I hope you’ll enjoy my weekly adventures in WoW! (The name Pyrruss’ Puzzlings might change for this column/blog series)

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