Patch 6.2 Preview Guide: The Shipyard

In patch 6.2 your garrison will be focused on The Shipyard. This is a new building that doesn’t take up any existing slots. This preview will focus on everything from obtaining The Shipyard to leveling it up and the rewards you can get. Update: There is now also a video preview of the shipyard which you can find here.

As with the other PTR previews/guides, this is still on the PTR and anything can change!

Obtaining The Shipyard

To get the newest addition to your garrison you will have to complete a small chain quest.

  • Go to the town hall in your garrison.
  • Talk to your faction leader.
  • After accepting the quest, head on over to the gryphon/rylak master and get a ride to the Iron Docks.
  • Complete a total of 3 quests in the Iron Docks questline. If you need the resources, also complete the bonus objective for 200 garrison resources.
  • Head back to your garrison and talk to your faction leader.
  • You will now be able to walk to the spot where your shipyard will be built and construct it. (Check your map if needed)
    • You will require 150 garrison resources and 150 gold.
  • Continue the quests within your Shipyard. You will gain the following:
    • 200 oil
    • Blueprints for your first ship type: Transport
    • Your first Transport ship – This will cost 25 garrison resources and 50 oil.
  • Wait a couple of minutes for your first ship to be built. Go get a drink or read up on what you can do in Tanaan Jungle.
  • Once your Transport is done, you will have to complete the starting quests in Tanaan Jungle before you can send your ships out on missions.
  • You will again have to do a small quest chain. Kill a few mobs, talk to a few people.
  • Once you have the quest to go back to the shipyard you can finally go back and start sending ships on missions.

Your Fleet

You will be able to build up your fleet through your shipyard. At level 1 your shipyard can hold a maximum of 6 ships, at level 2 8 ships and at level 3 10 ships. You build this at the same NPC as you built your Transport ship. While your very first ship took just a few minutes to make, every other ship you make will take up to 2 hours to complete. It works just like a work order, but you can only queue up 1 ship at a time.

The 4 ships you’ll be able to get blueprints for are:

  • The Submarine – obtained by upgrading the shipyard to level 2
  • The Destroyer –  obtained by completing the introductory quest chain to naval missions
  • The Battleship – obtained by buying the blueprint from your faction rep vendor (Hand of the Prophet / Vol’jin’s Headhunters) when you reach friendly
  • The Carrier – obtained by upgrading the shipyard to level 3

These 4 ships will counter ship threats during missions:

  • Submarines counter Carriers
  • Destroyers counter Submarines
  • Battleships counter Destroyers
  • Carriers counter Battleships

There are other mission threats, but we’ll get to those later.

Your ships can be of uncommon, rare or epic quality. Just like your followers they can be leveled by completing naval missions, however if your ships fail to complete a mission there is a 50% chance that they will be destroyed!

  • When they are uncommon they have their ship counter ability and they have a crew. The crew will be a certain race and will give it a bonus. For example a night elf crew will allow your ship to complete the mission 50% faster, while a gnome crew will give you a chance to loot equipment from the mission if it succeeds.
  • When they are rare the first equipment slot opens up
  • When they are epic the second equipment slot opens up

Threats and Equipment

So let’s talk threats and equipment. Basically these work just like the threats work from your regular followers. There are different types of threats to counter, and equipment helps you do so. You’ll be able to replace already existing equipment in your ships with new ones. So you can choose which threats your ships counter. This means you’ll be able to re-customize your ships as needed.

There are also 2 other types of equipment. Equipment that increases the success chance when with a certain type of ship (like the race boosts from followers) and special bonus equipment.

Increases the mission chance when working with a certain ship type.

Provides other bonuses.

To obtain the equipment for your ships you will have to earn blueprints from things like quests and reputation. Once you have done so you’ll be able to buy them for 500 resources from a vendor in your shipyard. This vendor also has an item to instantly complete a ship yard work order!

You can earn the threat counter equipment blueprints by doing the following:

  • Blast Furnace is earned by completing the introductory quest chain to the Shipyard and Naval missions.
  • True Iron Rudder is looted from Zoug the Heavy in Ironhold Harbor.
  • Felsmoke Launcher is looted from Felsmith Damorka in the Fel Forge.
  • Trained Shark Tank is looted from the Savage Whale Shark in the bay of Ironhold Harbor.
  • Bilge Pump is looted from Belgork in the tunnels between Zeth’Gol and the Fel Forge.
  • High Intensity Fog lights is looted from Xanzith the Everlasting in the Throne of Kil’jaeden.
  • Ice Cutter is looted from Cindral the Wildfire in Ironhold Harbor.
  • Gyroscopic Internal Stabilizer is looted from Iron Reaver in Hellfire Citadel.

Sending your fleet on missions

Your ships are ready to go and explore the seas of Draenor, but how do you send them out on missions? Well this works exactly like sending out your followers, but in a different mission table. This one is located in your shipyard. This means you will have to go to both the mission table in your town hall and to the one in your shipyard to send all your followers and ships on missions.

You’ll see which threats need to be countered and then you can make a choice of which ships go out. These missions will cost oil, which you can obtain via regular garrison missions, the new apexis daily in tanaan, killing the 4 “event” rares in Tanaan and building an oil rig once you have revered with your faction’s reputation faction in Tanaan.

A final word

From testing the shipyard on the PTR, the pace of leveling ships and sending them out on missions seems to be a lot slower. If you want to complete your legendary ring you will need to use your shipyard, but it seems like it’ll require less time investment than your followers did when they first had to be leveled. The shipyard naval missions award things like a mount, a pet and gear you can send to your alts. So it’s certainly worth putting the time in your shipyard.

There was a lot of information to cover, so if you have questions or suggestions for this guide feel free to let us know in the comments!


  1. david June 12, 2015 1:15 pm  Reply

    lost both ships now cant make new ones and no missions.
    Also say to upgrade shipyard to level 2 but I cant figure out how to

    • Mezzy June 12, 2015 1:57 pm  Reply

      Not able to make new ships? That’s odd, you should be able to make new ships when talking to the npc where you built the Transport.

      To upgrade the shipyard you have to complete naval missions. But the type of naval mission has changed almost every PTR build so I don’t know which type it will be when it goes live.

      • david June 13, 2015 1:56 am  Reply

        I go to the npc and cant make a transport to replace the one lost.
        cant make more destroyers because I have one
        no missions showing on the map

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