Obtaining Phylarch the Evergreen Guide, Level 100 Epic Follower

When browsing the possible followers to get there’s a few that will catch your eye. One of them is Phylarch the Evergreen. He’s a level 100 follower and is of epic quality to boot! The rarity of a follower indicates how many abilities and traits they have. The epic ones give a lot compared to the regular uncommon ones. So naturally this is one you might want to get. Here’s a quick guide (the process itself is far from quick) in the steps for how to get him.

To start off you have to get a Tier 3 Lumber Mill. So here’s a list of things you have to do to get that:

  • Build the tier 1 lumber mill, this is a Medium building.
  • Once you are able to buy the blueprints for the tier 2 lumber mill do so. You can buy it with an Outpost Building Assembly Notes item or with gold.
  • This is where it gets really grindy. You will have to complete the achievement Upgrading the Mill. I’ll explain this one below.
  • Once you have the achievement you can buy the tier 3 lumber mill and upgrade it.
  • Now that you have the tier 3 lumber mill go out into the world (Spires of Arak / Nagrand) to chop down Large Timber.
  • Keep doing this until you have defeated Phylarch the Evergreen in battle 3 times. (He does not spawn at every Large Timber, it can take a while)
  • Accept his surrender and his offer to become your newest garrison follower!

Upgrading the Mill

To get the Tier 3 blueprints for your garrison buildings you will have to complete achievements, and this one is an ugly murlock’s uncle if there ever was one.

You have to turn in 75 work orders and complete 2 quests. Considering at level 2 you’ll be able to turn in 3 work orders per day it will take you a total of 25 days to complete. Each work order takes 50 timber and currently gives you 100 garrison resources with a chance of some Apexis Crystals. So for the first part of this achievement you’ll have to farm your timber diligently every day for 25 days.

Legacy of the Ancients

You will need a tier 2 lumber mill for this. There’s a chance you can come across an Ancient looking tree which is gray. When you try to cut him down he will attack you and you need to kill him. Once you do it will give you a quest to get the cores of 4 other trees in 4 zones. If you’re leveling up it might take a while as one of them is Nagrand, which is the final leveling zone. Once you have all 4 cores turn them in at the lumbe rmill and that’ll be the end of that.


Reduction in Force

For this quest you will need the Follower Weldon Barov. This is a follower you can only get if you have the lumber mill. In a couple of zones, one of which is Nagrand you’ll see a fallen tree on someone. Chop it up into pieces and voila you’ll have another follower!

Around level 96 (unconfirmed which level) he will give you the quest to get the head of a Barov member. You’ll need to chop down small timber until he spawns.

Closing Thoughts

The sheer amount of time and farming it takes to get this follower certainly will hold some off from getting this follower. The amount of abilities and traits that he has makes it very worth it. And if that isn’t enough for you, maybe the additional 5 achievement points for getting an epic follower are?

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