New Blizzard How To’s: LvL 90 Boost, Hearthsteed and Heroes Alpha

Blizzard seems to be getting more into the habit of making how to/tutorial videos as today they posted not one, but two videos! One on how the starting experience will be in Heroes of the Storm Alpha, and the other on how you can get the Hearthsteed. They didn’t stop there but they also posted an article on how the instant lvl 90 boost works. Check it all out below!

Quote from: Blizzard

A Character Boost can be used on any character on your® account that isn’t already level 90—even a brand new one. The only condition is that the character must be on a Mists of Pandaria® or Warlords of Draenor® game account.

World of Warcraft®: Warlords of Draenor includes a Level 90 Character Boost for one character on the upgraded game account. If you want to purchase a Character Boost without the expansion, the service is available in the World of Warcraft Shop.

How it works
After you get a Character Boost for your account, whether it’s the boost included with Warlords of Draenor or through the World of Warcraft Shop, you’ll see the option to boost a character when you log into the game and visit your character selection screen.The Level 90 Character Boost icon will appear near the top of your character list. When you click it, the game will walk you through boosting a character and choosing their talent specialization.Note: Character Transfers will not be available to boosted characters until 72 hours after the boost. If you try to transfer a recently boosted character, you’ll see Error 20078.

What you get
Gear, Gold, and BagsAfter boost a character to 90, they’ll receive a set of spec-appropriate gear, a set of bags, and some gold to get started. Any gear the character already had will be moved to their bags. If there isn’t enough space in their bags, their old gear will be mailed to them instead.Professions

Character Armor Class Professions Granted
Cloth Enchanting
Leather/Mail Leatherworking
Plate Blacksmithing

If the character is at least level 60 before the boost, their primary professions and First Aid will be leveled up to rank 600. Other secondary professions will not be affected. If the character doesn’t have primary professions, they’ll be given class-appropriate professions according to the table on the right. Characters who receive this profession boost will need to learn recipes from a profession trainer in-game.

If the character you choose to boost is not at least level 60, their professions will not be boosted.
Mounts and Riding Skill

Boosted characters will receive all riding skills up to Artisan (up to 280% flying speed) and all regional riding skills up to Pandaria (Cold Weather Flying, Flight Master’s License, etc.).

If your account doesn’t have any flying mounts, your boosted character will receive their faction’s basic flying mount (gryphon for Alliance, wyvern for Horde).
What happens next

Your character will be moved to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms in Pandaria and their action bar will be populated with the most essential skills for their class and spec. When the boost is done processing, they will be ready to play immediately.

If you’re a returning player, welcome back! We have guides available for new, returning, and veteran players alike who want to know more about World of Warcraft:

Returning Players Guide
Covers content we’ve added and improvements we’ve made since you last played.

Customer Support

Please be careful when you select a character to boost. Level 90 Character Boosts are irreversible. Once a boost is complete, Customer Support will not assist with altering anything relating to the boost.

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