Mythic Oregorger Raiding Guide

OregorgerHey guys I’m Mezzy and welcome to this warlords of draenor raiding guide. Today we’ll be taking a look at Oregorger in Mythic Blackrock Foundry. This video will focus on the changes to the mythic encounter, so if you don’t know the heroic mechanics check out our guide in the annotation.

On mythic you’ll have to deal with increased health and damage, as well as some small changes. First and foremost is that in phase one Blackrock Barrage will now have 5 charges instead of 3. This means that you’ll need 5 interruptors to deal with this. It’s very important that they all get interrupted because each successful cast will still waste 5 mana and deal a chunk of damage to your raid. You will only have 3 phase ones to deal with the oregorger before he enrages so you’ll want every extra second you can get.

The Acid Torrent does a lot of damage and you should be getting 7 to 8 casts per phase 1. As such you’ll want to use a cooldown for every single one of the torrents to reduce the damage not just on your tanks but on your raid as a whole.

You’ll still deal with the rest of the abilities in the same way. For Retched Blackrock, move as a group around the walls. And of course as a melee move away from the Explosive Shard.

In phase 2 you’ll have to deal with a new ability. Every time the oregorger bumps into a wall he will leave behind an Unstable Slag. If the oregorger hits the same spot again, that slag will explode, shooting a wave of fire in every direction. If that fire hits another unstable slag, that one will explode as well. Think of it like a bomber man minigame. Obviously the fire does damage and you’ll want to avoid it by moving into a hallway it won’t move to. At the same time, keep an eye on the Oregorger because you’d rather get hit by fire than by the boss.

To end the phase as quickly as possible and to reduce the amount of unstable slag there is around we divided the area up into 4 quarters. Every group in the raid was assigned one of them, and the blackrock crates in those had their priority. Once those crates were dead, they could of course help other quarters.

When you transition back to phase 1 the unstable slag will stay around, so in the second phase 2 expect more unstable slag explosions and dodging of fire.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep interrupting the blackrock barrages as it is the single most important element of phase 1 next to dealing with acid torrents. This is a potentially frustrating boss to progress on so good luck!

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