Mythic Kormrok Raiding Guide

Hey guys I’m Mezzy from WoW Weekly and today we’ll be taking a look at Mythic Kormrok in Hellfire Citadel. In this video we assume that you know the heroic mechanics, if you don’t, check out our heroic guide in the annotation.

For this fight you will want to use 2 tanks, 3-4 healers and 16-17 dps.

As usual on mythic he has more health and does more damage. Empowered runes will now spawn 6 runes and Fel Outpouring spawns a lot more waves of goo. On top of that when he soaks a pool the ability of that pool will be empowered for 4 casts instead of 3. You will want a healing cooldown rotation for both the hands and pounds.

The only new mechanic is Splash. When Kormrok jumps into a pool, swirls will spawn on the floor. If you stand in a swirl you will prevent that piece of floor from being covered in goo. So that means you’ll be able to soak up 20 swirls, which limits your movement throughout the encounter.

To organize your group you will want to download the Exorsus Raid Tools addon, if you hadn’t already for the previous tier. Because just like on Kromog in Blackrock Foundry, the addon allows you to set who should stand where for Kormrok. And just like on Kromog, when Kormrok jumps you will get an arrow telling you where to move to.

You will need to set the soaking positions for each of the 3 pools. (See video for images)
– For the green pool you will want to soak a road to one of the pools for the hands to travel through.
– For the orange pool you will want to create as big a circle as possible.
– For the purple pool you will want to create a road towards one of the walls for your tanks to be swatted to.

Now let’s get to the practical side of things.. You’ll be dealing with the abilities somewhat differently on mythic.

First off you’ll want to follow a different empowerment order. You’ll want to go green > orange > purple on this encounter. Secondly due to the amount and combination of abilities once he jumps to the purple pool, Kormrok should nearly be dead. You want to aim for a kill by the 5 minute mark.

Because of this, the dps requirement can be higher than you’ve been used to so far in mythic Hellfire Citadel. You will want to use the legendary ring on the first and third sets of hands and only have those with high AoE and the ring to AoE the hands down to maximize the output of the ring’s damage on Kormrok himself.

As far as other positions go we set up 3 markers. A red marker inbetween the middle and the orange pool, a green marker on right of it and a moon marker on the left of it. We use the red marker for the loose stacking for the hands. Really don’t be stacked up on top of each other for it on mythic, because it will kill you.

The other part of this fight prone to mistakes are the runes. The first set won’t be empowered and anyonen with cooldowns can and should get rid of them.

The empowered runes are a different story though. On mythic we have our 2 rogues deal with the empowered runes. We assign a healer to each of the rogues to prevent them from dieing. The two green and moon markers are guidelines for our rogues.

You’ll want each rogue to make half a circle to the other side of the room, dealing with the runes. This way the rogues should meet up in the middle on the other side to take care of the empowered runes. The rogues start at cross and then ones moves towards green and the other towards moon.

If you don’t have 2 rogues you can have everyone with cooldowns move the runes towards the middle and let them phase out that way.

The fel outpouring remains the same other than the increased amount of waves of goo, so continue to dodge those and be careful when you get pound during the outpouring.

As a final note, use heroism on the first set of hands. You don’t want to use it while Kormrok is jumping.

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