Mythic Iron Reaver Raiding Guide

Hey guys I’m Mezzy from WoW Weekly and today we’ll be taking a look at Mythic Iron Reaver. In this video we assume that you know the heroic mechanics, if you don’t, check out our heroic guide in the annotation.

For this encounter you will want 2 tanks, 5 healers and 13 dps. As usual everything hurts more and Barrage will outright one-shot you. So don’t get hit.

In phase 1 all the mechanics are still in play and the reaver only gains 1 new ability. The reaver will now also throw out bombs in phase 1. Meaning that they of course, have to be killed. Now this will almost always coincide with either a barrage or a blitz, so there will be things to dodge while doing so.

To make phase 1 more manageable, split up your ranged players into 4 groups around the boss, and have the boss in the middle. Be sure to have a healer in each group. When you get to the second phase 1 stick to the 4 group structure, but if you need to move one way or another don’t be afraid to do so. Just move the boss and have the 4 groups reposition based on where the boss is.

Phase 2 gets a little more interesting as you’ll now have to deal with 4 different types of bombs instead of just 1.

The first is the Quick-Fuse bomb which will explode after 12 seconds. So naturally you’ll have to kill these first.

The second is the Burning bomb. Attacking this will give you the stacking Flame Vunerability debuff, increasing your fire damage taken by 15% per stack. As long as enough dps switch to these, the stacks shouldn’t be a problem. Putting a dot on the bomb only gives you 1 stack.

The third type is the Reinforced bomb. This bomb takes 75 seconds to explode and thus is your lowest priority.

The final type is the Reactive bomb. This bomb will explode within 30 seconds, but you don’t get rid of it by killing it. Instead you will want your tanks to click on them, by doing so they will take damage just like the bombs on the Iron Juggernaut encounter in Siege of Orgrimmar. Dps can also soak the damage from these with cooldowns but it’s better if your tanks do it.

Your priority on bombs is Quick-Fuse > Burning > Reactive > Reinforced.

To deal with the reactive bombs efficiently you will want to use your voice coms such as ventrilo to tell your tanks where the reactive bombs are, so none get missed. By using the same sides as in phase 1, you can spread out your dps and healers accordingly that you’ll have the entire room covered.

The reaver actually does have so much health that it’s not impossible that you’ll find yourself having to go through 3 phase 1’s and 2 phase 2’s. But if you can deal with all of the bombs and move out of Barrage you’ll find yourself on the way to a kill soon enough. Good luck!

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