Mythic Hellfire Assault Raiding Guide

Hey guys I’m Mezzy from WoW Weekly and today we’ll be taking a look at Mythic Hellfire Assault. In this video we assume that you know the heroic mechanics, if you don’t, check out our heroic guide in the annotation.

For this fight you will want to use 2 tanks, 4 healers and 16 dps.

Now this fight being what it is, we’ll take a look at the differences and additions to this fight, in somewhat of a disorganized fashion. This is because most of it applies to the entire fight as you’ll have multiple types of adds at the same time.

In this encounter you will have to deal with 2 siege vehicles spawning at a time, one on the left side and one on the right. This means you will have to split your group up into 2 groups to take care of everything that spawns.

Around the 3 minute mark your 2 groups should go back to the middle because then you will have to deal with an intermission phase. Which we will get to in a minute.

In the video you will see a list of types of vehicles spawning for each side and at roughly what times. The blue marker is for the left cannon and the green marker is for the right cannon.

Time Blue Green
0:55 Art!! Art!!
1:15 Demo Flame
2:10 Flame Demo
2:55 Art!! Flame
3:05 Grand Corruptor Grand Corruptor
3:55 Demo!! + Grute Demo!! + Grute
5:00 Flame Art!!
5:55 Demo Transporter
6:30 Flame Demo
7:10 Demo Flame
7:40 Transporter Demo

Whenever a siege weapon spawns it has the utmost priority so that they don’t destroy the cannons. There are two exceptions though. If there is a terror up, kill it quickly. And if it’s not an Artillery and there’s a berserker up, kill that first because it’s much more lethal to your tank now.

Another difference is that you want to be careful with the felcasters/terrors, as you don’t want 2 terrors up at the same time. Control your dps, focus on one felcaster when there are 2 up and when a terror has morphed kill it quickly.

There’s a new type of vehicle called the Felfire Transporter, which brings along some Iron Dragoons for you to deal with. If you kill the Transporter in time it will not spawn the Iron Dragoons, so you’ll naturally want to do so.

Other than the having to split up your group, the main changes come in at the 3 minute mark. You will have to have your groups go back into the middle and deal with 2 mini bosses + a crusher. They won’t all come at the same time.

Both mini bosses you’ll have seen on the trash on heroic. The first one being Grand Corruptor U’rogg. Sadly none of his abilities are interruptable, so you’ll have to dodge what you can.

His first ability is Corruption Nova, this is the circular shape of swirls on the ground. This will deal a huge amount of damage to you if you stand on it, so you really don’t want to get hit by this anymore.

The second ability is Corruption Bolt, with which he does a moderate amount of shadow damage to his target. And then the last one is Corruption Siphon, which heals U’rogg, puts his 2 targets at low health and puts an absorption debuff on the targets. Healers will have to heal this off of the victims, so that they can be healed back up once it fades.

While you’re dealing with U’rogg, a crusher will spawn, which just like on heroic has the utmost priority. As usual don’t stand in it’s front unless you want to die.

Soon after the Crusher spawns you’re going to have to deal with the second mini-boss: Grute. Now Grute will come in a Demolisher which you will have to kill before you switch to him.

Grute is a bit more interesting on mythic than he was as a trash mob. First off he has Shockwave, which works like the Siegemaster’s Shockwave at the start of the encounter. Simply dodge this to prevent taking any damage.

His second ability is Cannonball, he will target a player and jump on them. Anyone within 9 yards of that player will take damage, so that player needs to move away from others as well as others need to move away from them.

His last ability is Slam, which will deal damage to the tank and put a stacking debuff on them increasing their damage taken by physhical damage by 30%. To deal with this you will want to tank swap at 2 stacks.

Once Grute is dead, clear up the remaining adds and get back to your sides before the 5 minute mark.

To make sure everything is clear let’s start at the beginning:

When you start the encounter you will not want to use heroism but you can use the legendary ring. Get the Siegemaster to 50% health and finish off the other adds. At the 1 minute mark, split up and kill the Artilleries that are spawning. They have nearly 6 million health so your dps will need to really put their backs into it.

Continue on your sides until the 3 minute mark. All the vehicles should be dead and you’ll have a transporter + the Grand Corruptor incoming. Once the Grand Corruptor spawns use heroism as this intermission phase will need to be dealt with as efficiently as possible. Kill the Crusher, Demolisher and Grute when they each spawn and get back to your sides at the 5 minute mark because you’ll have to deal with the second Artillery set.

From here on out it’s continueing the fight as you’re used to it, with a lot more vehicles. When you get close to the end you’ll see a lot of adds spawn at the same time.

A final note, when the legendary ring is used on one side of the room, it should not activate it for the other side. So after the min boss phase you can decide for your own side when to use it. Good luck on this first encounter!

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