Highmaul Heroic Twin Ogron Guide

Twin OgronHey guys I’m Mezzy from WoW Weekly and welcome to this Warlords of Draenor raiding guide. Today we’ll be taking a look at heroic Twin Ogron in Highmaul.

This encounter consists of 2 Ogron called Pol and Themos. To make things easy, Themos is the one with 2 swords. These guys have a rather annoying mechanic to deal with because they are an angry lot. The further away from each other they are the more anger they will get and the more damage they will do.

To start off let’s talk about Pol. Pol’s first ability is Shield Bash, with which he will attack the tank and silence them for 3 seconds.

His second ability is called Shield Charge, like Kargath he will charge at a random player at 33 energy. It will again do more damage as the duration of the charge increases and when he reaches his target he will do an AoE to nearby targets. But not only that Pol’s charge will also put a debuff doing 13.5k damage every second for 18 seconds on anyone who gets hit by the charge. So obviously you’ll want to dodge this.

At 66 energy he will use his third ability called Interrupting Shout. It deals 65k damage to everyone in the raid and it will interrupt you for 6 seconds if you get hit by it while casting. So if he casts it, stop casting so you don’t get silenced.

His final ability is called Pulverize and he uses it at 100 energy. With this the ceiling will fall in 3 stages and you will need to dodge as much as possible. In the first stage it will fall directly on you, dealing damage to everyone within a 3 yard radius. In the second stage chunks will fall and hit anyone within an 8 yard radius. And the final stage will drop one big chunk onto the raid, dealing more damage to you the closer you are to the point of impact.

Meanwhile you will have to deal with Phemos. His first ability is Double Slash, which he will use on the tank. You don’t have to do anything special with this.

At 33 energy he will use Whirlwind, which will deal damage every half a second and leave a stackable debuff called Weakened Defenses on those who get hit. Weakened defenses will increase their damage taken by 10% per stack from Shield bash. This means you have to make sure to move phemos away from the raid so that the other tank does not get this debuff.

At 66 energy Phemos will use Enfeebling Roar. This will increase the damage taken by all who get hit by it in a 20 yard radius. You will want to have as many people get hit by it to reduce the amount of damage taken and the duration of the debuff. This is because the debuff starts at an increase of 300% and a duration of 300 seconds and will split over the players that get hit by it.

And then finally at 100 energy he will use Quake. This will deal damage to everyone in the raid. Not only that but it will cause fire to spawn on the floor, making it harder to move. If you get hit by the fire you will also get a stacking dot on you, so as usual stay out of the fire.

A definitive tactic for this encounter itself isn’t completely possible because their energy genereation differs per Ogron. So instead here are a few things to keep in mind.

Their health pools are shared, so you can cleave and multidot for the maximum effect when they are close to eachother.
The further away from each other they are the more damage they will do.
You will want to have them close to each other when Phemos uses Enfeebling Roar and far away when he uses whirlwind.
If Pol casts shield charge, move away from the direction he’s facing so you won’t get hit.
And lastly, move away from fire, the cave ins and stop your casts when Pol uses interrupting shout.

Oh and one more thing to note, right before the second Enfeebling roar, for which you will need to be close to Phemos for, the next Pulverize will be cast. Because of this you do not want to be stacked on top of each other due to the 3 yard damage aoe. Keep a light spread around phemos to take the first pulverize hit, then take the enfeebling roar hit and then go back in ranged position for the rest of Pulverize.

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