Highmaul Heroic Tectus Guide

TectusHey guys I’m Mezzy from WoW Weekly and welcome to this warlords of draenor raiding guide. Today we’ll be taking a look at heroic Tectus in Highmaul.

Tectus is a 3 part encounter with the first being the most important one. In the first part you will face Tectus and the Night-Twisted pale orcs.

Let’s get into the pale orcs first. The first type is the Earthwarper. These will channel gift of earth which create a vortex that will give Tectus 10 stacks of his Accretion buff. You can prevent this by intercepting this and taking a high amount of damage. This will also reduce your movement speed by 10%, and if Tectus attacks you then he will still get his stacks of Accretion buff. So this means that your non boss tank will be tanking the Earthwarpers and taking the vortexes. Also be sure to keep the Earthwarper faced away from the rest of the raid because of his Earthen Flechettes ability which does nearly 200k in a frontal cone..

The other type is the Berserker, which will be tanked by the Tectus tank. However the berserker will occaisionally cast Raving Assault, resetting all threat and attack a random player. This will have to be kited and anyone caught in it’s track will also take damage.

Because of the abilities of these adds, the dps should always prioritise them.

Tectus himself will gain energy over time. The energy gain will speed up as he loses health and once he reaches 100 energy he will cast Tectonic Upheavel, which does aoe damage to all players. If he is not dead by the time it finishes then he will heal up. However if he does go down to 0 during Tectonic Upheaval he will shatter. But more on that later.

Tecuts will pick up nearby earth to give himself the Accretion buff increasing his damage by 5% per stack. This is the same buff that he could get from the pale orc vortex. You can remove this by dealing damage to tectus.

With all the technical abilities sorted, on to the more regular ones.

When Tectus reaches 25 energy he will use Earthen Pillar. He will raise a pillar from the ground and it will erupt after a couple of seconds. You will have make sure to get out of the big circle, because otherwise it will kill you.

Tectus can also cast Crystalline Barrage which is a cloud that moves towards players. You’ll take damage if you stand in it, so the very easy solution is to not stand in it and move it away from the raid when you are targeted by it.

His final ability is called Fracture which is a spike that shoots up and will deal a lot of damage to anyone who gets hit by it. So if you can, be sure to move out of it.

Now these are all the abilities you have to deal with. If you look back at it, it’s not much. You move out of a couple of abilities, dodge big circles and kill adds. However we still have the shattering to deal with.

Once if at the end of Tectonic Upheavel, Tectus is dead then he will split into two Shards of tectus, who have less health and deal less damage than Tectus himself, but will still have the same abilities. At this point no more pale orcs will spawn.

So each tank picks a shard and a repeat of dealing with the abilities starts. Your raid should focus on killing one of the shards and doing everything again. Once this shard dies, he will split into 4 motes of tectus. The same tank should pick them up and you should deal with these.

Put a skull on one mote and have cleaving attacks deal damage to the others. Once a mote is dead, focus the next, and so on until all 4 are dead. This will leave you with 1 Shard of tectus and you will have to just repeat yourself.

Use heroism when you get the first set of 4 motes as you’ll have to deal with the most abilities at the same time at that point.

The main thing to keep in mind is to not panic and deal with the abilities as they come calmly. To help with dealing with the abilities we had those with the crystaline barrage move to the right, while the rest moved to the left when pillars were summoned. At the same time we have the boss facing the ranged dps as it helped with the crystalline barrage spawn point not killing the melee right away.

You’ll need some practise but if people stay calm you’ll kill it.

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