Highmaul Heroic Kargath Bladefist Guide

Kargath BladefistHey guys I’m Mezzy from WoW Weekly and welcome to this warlords of draenor raiding guide. Today we’ll be taking a look at heroic Kargath Bladefist in Highmaul.

First off there are two environmental challenges you need to watch out for. The fire skull pillars which spew fire, and the Ravenous Bloodmaw tiger pits. These are grates on the floor and will sometimes go down. If you’re standing on them you will die. The fire pillars also do a lot of damage which mean almost certain death. So in short, the environment hates you.

Kargath’s first ability is called Impale which he will cast on the tank. It will deal damage every second and leave a debuff which increases damage taken by the next impale. Because of this you will want to have your tanks swap every time the other tank has 2 stacks of the debuff.

Kargath’s main mechanic is that he charges around a lot and uses a couple of abilities doing so. The first one he can use is called Blade Dance. He will charge a random person every 2 seconds and will hit anyone within 7 yards of them for 54k. So keep a light spread.

The other charging ability is called Berserker Rush. He will charge to a specific person and can hit anyone in a straight line on the way. While he does this his speed and damage will increase every 2 seconds for 20 seconds. So you will want to be sure to move out of this. The person he targets it on can cancel it out by having kargath run into the fire of the flame pillars.

His final ability is Chain Hurl. With this ability he will throw the 5 closest players into the spectator’s stand. They can choose to jump back down or kill the spectators. This is because the spectators are not rooting for you and will be throwing things at you. You will want to send up 1 tank, 1 healer and 3 dps to take out the special adds.

The Iron bombers will leave dots on random players dealing damage every 2 seconds and after 10 seconds it will explode and deal damage to anyone near you.

Drunken Bileslingers will leave poison pools on the arena floor and stun those infront of them. So when you’re on the stands be sure to not stand in front of them.

And finally Iron grunts will also attack you on the stands, this is why you’ll want a tank and healer to join you. These are just raffle and you should focus on the bombers and ogres and then jump back down

It’s the first Warlords raid encounter and although not a complete tank and spank still relatively easy.

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