Highmaul Heroic The Butcher Guide

The ButcherHey guys I’m Mezzy from WoW Weekly and welcome to this warlords of draenor raiding guide. Today we’ll be taking a look at heroic The Butcher in Highmaul.

The butcher works like Patchwork in the sense that the tanks will have to stand on top of each other as his auto attacks will cleave the closest target within 5 yards. The tanks have two other abilites to watch for. The first is The Cleaver, which is stacking dot. This can be avoided by using active mitigation so be sure to use it. The other ability is The tenderizer. This hits for a lot of damage and increases damage taken by the Tenderizer by 50%. To deal with this have the other tank taunt after 2 stacks.

Meanwhile the rest of your raid has to deal with Cleave. The butcher will attack the largest clump of players in melee range and leave a stacking debuff on them called Gushing Wounds. This will not only deal damage over time but if it reaches 5 stacks they will instantly die.

You will deal with this by setting up two groups with an equal number of players. Not only this, but you will also want a small group of ranged players stay out as a 3rd group. But more on that later. Both groups will be in melee range of the boss on their markers. All except one ranged player from each side. These will be the ones coordinating the stacks of the debuff. When one side gets 3 or 4 stacks their assigned ranged moves out and the other group’s moves in. You will rinse and repeat this.

Eventually the boss will use Bounding Cleave. He will knock everyone in melee range back and charge at a ranged group and put the debuff on them. This is why you want the 3rd small ranged group. They should stack and let the boss hit them. Then you will go back to the regular phase and have the group without any stacks of the debuff start again.

Finally at 30% health the boss will go into a Frenzy increasing his damage done by 10% and attacking 30% quicker. Use heroism at this moment in time.

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