Highmaul Heroic Brackenspore Guide

BrackensporeHey guys I’m Mezzy from WoW Weekly and welcome to this warlords of draenor raiding guide. Today we’ll be taking a look at heroic Brackenspore in Highmaul.

If you look at the Dungeon Journal it seems to have a lot of mechanics, but is in execution quite simple. So start off with, you will notice Creeping Moss, a green efffect on the ground. This will heal adds for 2% of their health every 2 seconds and deal damage to you. You have to keep removing the moss by using the flamethrowers that you will be able to find on weapon racks. Choose 2 people to deal with these and let them burn away the moss 1 player at a time.

Secondly there are 5 adds, two of which help the raid. If you heal up the helpful ones and stand near them they will give you perks. The living mushroom will heal everyone within 20 yards every second. The rejuvinating mushroom will increase your haste by 30% and your mana regeneration. So you’ll want to make sure to actively use these mushrooms to make the fight easier for you.

Then there are 3 types of adds that you will want to keep killing. When the Spore Shooter is up you will want 2 ranged dps to stand between the shooter and the raid so that the rest of the group can stay stacked up. This is because of Spore Shot. It will deal damage to a player and everyone within an 8 yard radius.

The Fungal Flesh-Eater will need to be interrupted when he casts Decay as it does over 100k damage to everyone in the raid if it goes off. Not only does he cast Decay, but he will also gain a stacking buff increasing his damage done by 10% per stack and increasing attack and casting speed. So be sure to switch to them as soon as they spawn.

Then finally on the add front Mind Funguses will reduce your casting speed by 75%. These don’t have a lot of health and should be easy to kill.

With all the environmental things sorted, let’s see what’s left from Brackenspore himself.

There are two things the tanks need to look for and one thing for the healers.

First off Brackenspore puts a stacking dot on the tank, due to the duration of this dot you will want to switch tanks when one tank reaches 4 stacks of Rot. The other ability the tanks and the healers need to watch for is Necrotic Breath. This is a cone that needs to be faced away from the raid. It does roughly 33k damage per second and reduces the tank’s healing taken by 99%. This means that the tank will need to be at full health before the cast starts and preferably have a cooldown and shields on him as well.

As a last ability to round him up, he can cast Infesting Spores. This is a stacking debuff put on everyone and it does increasing damage as it ramps up. When it’s used be sure to use healing cooldowns or personal damage reduction cooldowns.

This boss seems to have a lot going for him but it boils down to this: Have 2 players keep the moss cleared with flamethrowers, heal the mushrooms to gain buffs when you stand near them, kill off the adds, be sure to interrupt decay, tankswap at 4 stacks of rot, top up the tank before Necrotic Breath and use cooldowns for Infesting Spores.

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