Gamescom Legion Dev Livestream – Liveblog

The Legion Dev Livestream did not really give a lot more information, it was more of a repeat of the interviews with gaming and fansites.

  • Legion is back in our Azeroth.
  • Why the legion wants to take over Azeroth is something we’ll explore in the expansion.
  • Illidan is “probably pretty pissed off”.
  • Dalaran will be updated a little. Some location changes as well as the Underbelly.
  • Eventually you will be able to fly on the broken isles. But not right away. The ground based gameplay will be allowed to shine, and once you complete the content you’ll earn flying.
  • Relics will not carry over from one Artifact to another, but that’s not much different than having to get a different weapon/offhand for your offspec.
  • Each profession will get a questline.
  • There will be some updates to improve the UI and functionality of professions.
  • They considered adding the demon hunter back in The Burning Crusade, but weren’t comfortable adding a new class.
  • There will be a 12th character slot.

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