Dragoncon WoW Panel Summary

This weekend MMO-Central and Elvine tweeted out what was said at the Dragoncon WoW panel, here is a summary of the new things we’ve learned:

  • We won’t see Gnome hunters yet.
  • Currently Demon Hunters start at level 98.
  • Warlords was not intended as a filler expansion, but it did introduce some stuff to use in the future.
  • We’ll see much more information about artifact weapons at Blizzcon.
  • We might see artifacts in older content, they’re thinking about it.
  • It’s too early to go into details about how dungeons will be relevant again.
  • Most specs are being overhauled, some are even being renamed. They’re working on making it fit the fantasy of the spec.
  • Some resources are being renamed, such as Insanity for Shadow Priests.
  • There will not be a tabard tab, but the new transmog system will open up a lot of bag slots.
  • The transmog system will be a user interface like in Diablo.
  • Illidan will lead the demon hunters against the legion.
  • Pure DPS classes will not get a tank or healing spec.
  • Flying will be an expansion wide unlock.
  • Still no updated Stormwind Park…
  • They have plans for Jaina.
  • The backpack might be updated.
  • New pet battle mechanics would be in a post launch patch.
  • Multistrike is being removed in Legion. Other stats will get changes.
  • There will be dungeon drops for materials for professions.
  • There will be no more upgrade tokens for crafted gear in Legion.
  • We might get prospecting back for jewelcrafting in Legion, but it’s still being discussed.
  • A new material called Obliterium will be obtained from destroying crafted items, and will be used to upgrade crafted items in Legion.
  • There could possibly be an Adventure Mode in Legion.

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