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Website Update 2/5/2014

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The website will be moved to another host, so until that is done for the next few days there won’t be any updates here on the website. There’s a chance it won’t be done until after the weekend. So instead keep up with us on youtube, facebook or twitter! That way you’ll know when this weekend’s podcast will be released!

Social Media Update

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We wanted to let everyone know that you can now also find WoW Weekly on Google+! So should you prefer G+ over another social media that we’re on you can follow us at . There have been some issues with getting the link to work between the site and G+, but that should be solved!

We’ve got a few possible editorial authors for the website so you can expect to see more of that type of content outside of the podcast and of course news in the upcoming weeks! So follow us on Facebook, Twitter and to keep up to date with the latest Warcraft and Blizzard news!

Heroic Thok the Bloodthirsty Guide is up

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Our heroic Thok the Bloodthirsty guide is now up, you can check it out (including full transcript) here.

Here’s just the video:

Website update: Guides are now online

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We’ve been working hard on the website and it’s content, and our Siege of Orgimmar guides from our youtube channel are now also here on the website and full transcripts are included! Check them out here or by clicking on Guides in the navigation.

As a side note, the Heroic Thok the Bloodthirsty guide, which has been delayed for quite a while, will be coming out within the next week. Should you want to learn about it sooner you can always watch Mezzy’s Aurum guild heroic Thok kill video to already get some idea of how it works.

Welcome to our new home!

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Welcome to the new website of the WoW Weekly podcast! We hope to grow this site to not just a website for the podcast and guides but as a full fledged Warcraft fansite and community. To start off with here’s the newest WoW Weekly episode, number 17!