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Azeroth Choppers Episode 6, HotS Murky Trailer

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The next azeroth choppers episode is up and so is the very enjoyable trailer for Murky, one of the new heroes in Heroes of the Storm!

Artcraft – Cosmetic Class Accessories

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A surprising new artcraft was just released about cosmetic class accessories! Keep in mind they’re just in a concept phase!

Quote from: Blizzard
Artcraft—Concept: Class Accessories

Hi, I’m Chris Robinson, senior art director of World of Warcraft, and welcome to a special edition of Artcraft focused on an idea that’s still quite early in the inception phase: class accessories. For a long time now, we’ve felt that our character classes could use some more visual customization options, and we’ve heard you might be thinking the same thing. When I play WoW, I see Hunters pulling arrows from thin air, firing shot after shot with no visible clue as to where that ammo is coming from. I’ve heard Druids speak fondly … Continue reading

Patch 5.4.8 Coming To Live Servers This Week!

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Patch 5.4.8 is coming to the live servers this week and it seems that the double valor point buff and increased quest item droprate buff for the legendary quest chain will not be released with it! Rygarius tweeted that more information will follow on them at a later date! Be sure to cap out your valor points this week if you still can, as we will be getting the 4x item upgrades this week!

@Rhykes_ Only content that’s going live are patch noted. There will be additional information on that at a later date.

— Rygarius (@Rygarius) May 19, 2014

@Sprts121 We’re working on an article with more info on how that’ll work.

— Rygarius (@Rygarius) May 20, 2014

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WoD Alpha Delay Reasoning

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Zarhym explained on twitter why the Alpha is taking so long to start.

@Tryvia Because we’re not ready to start inviting the public yet. Doing extra polish on the first few zones & will get a build going soon.

— Zarhym (@CM_Zarhym) May 15, 2014

@Tryvia We had hoped to start inviting people sooner. We knew our internal alpha build would be datamined & wanted to let people know why.

— Zarhym (@CM_Zarhym) May 15, 2014

@Nerador_EU @Tryvia You underestimate how hard it is to announce set dates for tests. Doubt people would agree on preferring radio silence.

— Zarhym (@CM_Zarhym) May 15, 2014

@Borgratz @Tryvia No, but there have been … Continue reading

Azeroth Choppers Episode 5

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Azeroth Choppers Episode 5 is up!