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In a somewhat surprising turn of events you can now buy access into the heroes of the storm beta! On the product page in the blizzard shop it says that Quantity may be limited, indicating that there might only be a certain amount of beta spots that can be bought. If you don’t want to buy beta acces, have no fear! Because blizzard is still giving out regular beta invites “at an even faster rate than before“.

Quote from:Blizzard

You are not prepared.

Illidan Stormrage, The Betrayer

The battle between your favorite Blizzard characters is getting intense . . . and you can join the fray right now with the Heroes of the Storm™ Founder’s Pack! This brand-new digital bundle gives you an array of exciting Heroes, Skins, and other in-game content to get you started on your path to victory in the Nexus, along with instant access to the Heroes of the Storm closed beta test.

The Founder’s Pack includes:

  • THREE HEROES: Raynor, Diablo, and Tyrande
  • THREE SKINS: Commander Raynor, Lurkablo Diablo, and Blood Elf Tyrande
  • EPIC MOUNT: Golden Cyber Wolf
  • A STASH OF GOLD: 2,500 in-game gold to help unlock additional Heroes and other content
  • ACCESS TO THE NEXUS: Immediate access to Heroes of the Storm, beginning with the closed beta test

You can get all of this content and jump into battle now for $39.99—all you need to do to get in on the action is fire up the desktop app and click on the Heroes of the Storm icon, or visit the Shop.

The Founder’s Pack gets you all of these Heroes and Skins at a discounted price, as well as the fierce and imposing Golden Cyber Wolf Mount, which can only be obtained through purchasing the Founder’s Pack or the in-game Battle Bundle (also priced at $39.99).

You can also purchase the Founder’s Pack in regions other than your own, but please be aware that all purchases, gold, player progression, and hero progression are tied to the specific region you play in and are nontransferable. Also, please note that Global Play has not been enabled for Heroes of the Storm yet, so you will only be able to play in the region in which you purchase your Founder’s Pack.

The ability to purchase the Founder’s Pack may be temporarily suspended at any time in order to ensure a stable testing environment for the game. If you need help or have a question, please visit our support site for more information.

There Are Many Ways to Join the Nexus

We’re regularly inviting more and more players to the Heroes of the Storm closed beta—in fact, we’re accelerating the pace! So if you don’t have access yet and would like a chance to receive an invitation, make sure you’ve opted in to the beta test through your Account Management Beta Profile, and keep an eye on the desktop app or your email for an invitation.

You can learn about other ways to get in on the action in our “Prepare for Closed Beta with Fighting Words” blog. We also have more exciting stuff in store, including another epic giveaway, so make sure to stay tuned to our official site for updates.

We’ll see you in the Nexus!

blizzcon logoIt’s been a long day full of panels and excitement here’s an overview of our coverage of day 1 of blizzcon!

Here’s a summary of the Heroes of the Storm panel!


  • A lot of people are getting invites now
  • Closed beta starts on january 13th
  • Draft mode is coming soon
  • Works like standard MOBAs
    • No duplicate heroes
    • Battleground known before heroes are selected
    • All ranked modes will use draft
    • Coinflip to start picking
    • Picking order goes
      • team 1 picks 1 hero
      • team 2 picks 2 heroes
      • team 1 picks 2  heroes
      • team 2 picks 2 heroes
      • team 1 picks 2 heroes
      • team 2 picks 1 hero
    • No hero bans
      • To keep games shorter
      • To keep amount of heroes you need to own low
  • Ranked play
    • 5-man premades will be high-end ranked
    • Two ranked leagues, one for groups under 5 (Hero league) and the other for 5-man premades (Team League)
    • Ranking system based on Hearthstone
    • Win to get points, losing loses you points
    • 50 ranks, 50 to 1 (top)
    • MMR affects point gain, playing against better opponents gives more points
    • Season based
    • Like HS, you gain points for the next season based on rank
    • Personal skill rating used for MMR, carries over from season to season
    • Hero league fills team based on skill rating
    • Will try to match you based on premade size. A 3-man premade will be matched against another 3-man premade
    • Will only use person skill ranking
    • Player level 30 needed to queue in hero league
    • Team league requires you to make a team with a team name, akin to Arena
    • Up to 9 players on each team
    • Can join 3 teams per account
    • Uses team skill rating, not personal
    • Must be hero level 40 to queue for team league
    • Tons of stats available for teams
  • On the subject of leavers
    • Stripping people of game rewards didn’t motivate people to stay
    • Leavers will get flagged if they leave too often
    • Flagged leavers will be matched with other flagged leavers
    • Flag will be removed if you play enough games without leaving
    • Might not be final implementation
  • New heroes
    • Jaina
      • Ice mage, looks a lot like War3
      • Water Elemental – Ultimate
      • Frost ring
      • Blizzard
    • Thrall
      • Bursty DPS
      • chain lightning
    • Sylvanas announced
      • Curses, can shut down enemy minions and towers
      • Ultimate, mind control
    • The Lost Vikings
      • Fans demanded them every time they talked to blizzard
      • 3 heroes at once
      • Can be controlled at the same time or seperately
      • Each hero can complete objectives by himself
      • Very difficult character
      • Ultimate is a ship
  • New Battlegrounds
    • Sky temple
      • Capture the 3 temples
      • Fight temple guardians to capture them
      • They shoot beams of death at your enemies
      • A desesrt in the sky, lots of water and trees as well
      • It’s all about the magic
      • Egyptian themed buildings, mercs and minions
    • Tomb of the spider queen
      • Collect gems to summon queen
      • Underworld
    • Diablo stage
    • Heaven, good vs evil
    • Half map angelic, half diabolic

We’ll be updating this liveblog with news from the blizzcon opening ceremony as things get announced!

  • The ceremony started with videos of warcraft 1, 2 and 3 and then transitioned into World of Warcraft with the developers talking about it.
  • Mike Morhaime comes on to the stage.
  • Mike mentions the 20th anniversary of warcraft and the 10th anniversary of WoW.
  • The documentary Looking For Group will premier tommorow at 5pm bizzcon time on the main stage.
  • Afterwards it’ll be available on the website and youtube.
  • In december a new charity pet will be released, proceeds will go to the red cross to battle the ebola virus.
  • A sneak peak of the World of Warcraft movie will be shown in the special theater at blizzcon.
  • , set up by Legendary pictures
  • Heroes of the Storm  new things:
    • Jaina, Thrall, Lost Vikings as new heroes
    • Sky Temple, tomb of the spider queen, new battleground
    • Ranked Play
    • Closed beta starts January 13th, 2015
  • Production Director Jason Chayes enters the stage to talk about Hearthstone
  • In December the android tablet version of HS will be released
  • The first HS expansion will feature goblins and gnomes. “Goblins vs Gnomes”
  • More than 120 new cards
    • Explosive Sheep
    • Annoy-o-tron
  • It will release next month!!
  • Game Director Dustin Browder takes the stage to talk about Starcraft 2 (The Legacy of the Void logo is showing in the background).
  • Awesome new trailer shown for LotV
  • It shows Xel’naga returning as a threat
  • You will reunite the scattered Protos tribes.
  • LotV is a standalone game and will not need the other two games to play
  • The lurker is back
  • New Archon mode, you and a teammate will work together to control a single base and a single army
  • Chris Metzen enters the stage
  • A new game/world is announced!
    • Overwatch
    • A new world that used to be in a warring state but now in peace due to overwatch
    • A futuristic new world
    • A cinematic showing peace at first and then showing new heroes/villains of the series that fight each other
    • Game Director Jeff Kaplan takes the stage to continue talking about overwatch
    • Overwatch is a team based multiplayer shooter
    • Another overwatch video is shown
    • It shows the different heroes in action
    • Beta in 2015
    • Sign up at