Blizzcon Warcraft Movie Presentation – Liveblog

We’ll be liveblogging the Warcraft Movie Presentation panel once it starts at 23:15 CEST!

  • Coming to theaters March 2016
  • Duncan Jones, Bill Westenhofer and Chris Metzen enter the stage
  • Duncan Jones talks about how he got involved with blizzard and his gaming experiences
  • The movie will show both the sides of the alliance and the horde
  • It was hard to choose the story from the massive Warcraft universe to bring to the big screen
  • One of the challenges is making the movie feel like the same story as the gamers have experienced, to do the games justice
  • Chris talks about a scene he saw of the movie with Durotan and how he felt connected to it right away
  • Characters:
    • Lothar played by Travis Fimmel, alliance lead character
    • Durotan played by Toby Kebbell, horde lead character
    • Medivh played by Ben Foster
    • Orgrim Doomhammer played by Rob Kazinsky
    • Gul’dan played by Daniel Wu
    • King Llane played by Dominic Cooper
    • Blackhand played by Clancy Brown
    • Khadgar played by¬† Ben Schnetzer
    • Garona played by Paula Patton
  • Rob Kazinsky (doomhammer) joins the stage
  • Kazinsky talks about all his time playing WoW, started in TBC and has been a DK since patch 3.1
  • He gives a demonstration on how they had to learn to move like orcs
  • There are 2 fansites launched
  • It ends with recording “For the Alliance!”, “For the Horde!” and “For Azeroth” recordings with the crowd for the warcraft movie

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