Blizzcon Hearthstone Fireside Chat – Liveblog

This is the blog where we will be updating for the HS Fireside Chat once it starts at 00:30!

  • Statistics about hearthstone today, to be taken with a grain (or more) of salt:
    • The worst card: Magma Rager, Chance to win if drawn: 29%
    • Angry chicken: if drawn 47% chance to win
    • Defender of Argus 49.8% chance to win when drawn, but if played 52.6%chance to win
    • The best “warrior” card during a period in october: Baron geddon. When drawn 56% chance to win. If played 60% chance.  During this time it was mostly used in control warrior.
  • Curse of naxxramas stats:
    • It took an average of 2 attempts per boss to win on normal.
    • It took an average of 9 attempts per boss to win on heroic. Up to 45 on heroic Kel’thuzad
    • RNG is the least enjoyed part by players of Hearthstone
  • Eric Dodds comes to the stage to talk about Goblins vs GnomesGoblins_vs_Gnomes_Gameboard - smaller
    • It will be about the giant ridiculous inventions of destruction of these two races
    • They wanted to do something different to the naxxrammas theme
    • Goblins are focused on making an invention and then blowing the enemy up
    • Gnomes are about accidentally turning things into other things and other accidents
    • New minion type: Mech
    • Harvest Golem will now be considered a Mech type card, along with other old cards that would make sense to be a mech  type card
    • Another concept: Piloted Mechs
    • When the mechanical minion dies the pilot should come out
    • Example: Deathrattle: Summon a random 2-cost minion.
    • Another concept: Spare parts
    • Deathrattle: add a spare card to your hand
    • Such as  whirling blades, give a minion +1 attack
    • There are 7 spare parts in total
  • Yong Woo takes the stage
    • Spectator mode comes with the expansion!
    • Players can choose to make their games invite only for spectator mode
    • You can spectate both players at the same time!

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