6.2 PTR Timewalker Dungeons Preview – Slave Pens and Mana Tombs

The Timewalker dungeons are active on the PTR again, this time they’re The Burning Crusade dungeons! We took a look at two of them today. These seem a lot easier than the Wrath of the Lich King versions. Other than a few trash mobs that really could hurt, it was a walk in the park. So there is likely still some balancing to be done, after all it is the PTR!

On the last preview article the question was asked if legendaries can be used in these dungeons. They can! Both Tokk and Mezzy used their Thoridal bows during the first run.

What are Timewalker dungeons?

One of the features coming in patch 6.2 is the Timewalker event. It’s one of 7 possible weekend events. One is for The Burning Crusade, and one is for Wrath of the Lich King. During the event there is a quest you can do to get 1 extra raid loot bonus roll coin that does not count towards the 3 per week cap. To get this you will have to do 5 random Timewalker dungeons. You can pick up this quest in your garrison.

Other than the quest the bosses also drop timewalker items that look like their original TBC/WotLK counterparts. These have the “timewarped” tag. At level 100 these have an item level of 660. If you do the timewalker dungeons as a level 90, these will have a 463 item level. You’ll be able to do timewalker dungeons if your level is atleast as high as the original dungeon’s requirement. This means level 70 for TBC timewalking and level 80 for WotLK timewalking. The item level of the loot will adjust to your level when it drops.

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