6.2 PTR Mythic Dungeons Preview – Auchindoun and Bloodmaul Slagmines

We went onto the PTR again on Tuesday night (which we livestreamed) to check out the Mythic dungeons. Currently on the PTR your item level gets reduced to an average of 660, to test the difficulty of the mythic dungeons. We found that beside a few abilities that could nearly 1 shot (which need to be interrupted), the dungeons were not that hard on mythic difficulty.

What are Mythic dungeons?

Mythic Warforged ItemOne of the features coming in patch 6.2 is the Mythic dungeon difficulty. Each of the 8 Warlords of Draenor dungeons will have this difficulty. On this difficulty the bosses will drop ilvl 685 gear and they have a chance to upgrade to ilvl 700 gear. Mythic dungeons have a weekly loot lockout. This means that you can do the mythic dungeons as many times as you want, but you’ll only be eligible for loot on your first kills within the mythic dungeons every week.

There is also a weekend event to go along with this difficulty. During the Draenor dungeon weekend event you’ll be able to pick up a quest that will reward you with a heroic Hellfire Citadel cache. It will require you to do 4 mythic dungeons.

Mythic dungeons will work a lot like Challenge Modes when it comes to starting the dungeons. You will have to get together your own group as there is no random mythic dungeon queue. You can of course use the LFG tool to find a team though, as the mythic dungeons are cross realm enabled. Once you have your group together you will need to physically walk to the entrance of the dungeon and zone in. Don’t forget to put dungeon difficulty on mythic before you do so!

Mythic Item

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