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Warlords of Draenor System Changes, General Class Changes And More!

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Blizzard just came out with a new blog to discuss some general changes coming up in WoD. So check it out below!

Quote from: Blizzard
Development on World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor is progressing well, and we’ll soon be ready to enter the first phases of public testing. To help prep you for battle, let’s break down some of the upcoming changes we’re making to stats, abilities, and crowd control for the expansion.

Stat Squish

Character progression is one of the hallmarks of any role-playing game, and naturally that means we’re always adding more power for players to acquire. After multiple expansions and content updates, we’ve reached a point where the numbers for health, damage, and other stats are so … Continue reading

Raiding Currencies Possibly Dissapearing In WoD!

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Ion Hazzikostas, lead encounter designer recently talked to PCGamesN about the raid currencies (Valor and Justice). Ion had the following to say:

Quote from: Blizzard
We are planning on simplifying our currency structure. The traditional role of valor was to offer compensation for bad luck – and that goes all the way back to badges in Burning Crusade, where you’d go, “Okay, I’ve run this raid 15 times now and never seen a shoulder piece dropped – so I’ll take this currency and buy a shoulder piece for myself”. The bonus rolls system that we have these days actually goes a long way towards helping counteract that.

We think we can take the bonus rolls system and make it a little bit more intelligent, so that it tries to avoid giving … Continue reading

Blizzard Confirms $60 lvl 90 Character Boost

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Blizzard spoke to Eurogamer about the $60 price for the instant lvl 90 boost. Ion Hazzikostas had the following to say:

Quote from: Blizzard
We realised as soon as we came out with Warlords of Draenor boost to 90, we knew that there was going to be demand for more than 1. It’s tremendously awkward to tell someone that you should buy two copies of the expansion just to get a second 90. That’s odd. So we knew at that point we were going to have to offer it as a separate service. In terms of the pricing, honestly a big part of that is not wanting to devalue the accomplishment of leveling. If our goal here was to sell as many boosts as possible, we could halve the price … Continue reading

More WoD Press Tour Information

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More information has come out in the past few days as the fan sites, who were lucky enough to attend the press event, are posting the results of their time there. First off actually posted a video interview with lead encounter designer Ion Hazzikostas: Some highlights from the interview:

  • There will be a total of 17 raid bosses (7 in Highmaul and 10 in Blackrock Foundry) and possibly up to 3 world bosses
  • World bosses will be released over the course of the patch (so 1 will get released first, a few weeks later the next one and further into the patch the last one)
  • The raid instances will be nonlineair. Highmaul more like firelands where you can choose which order you do them in and Foundry like … Continue reading

Podcast Episode 23

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This week in Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor PvP gets an overhaul, a silver medal will be needed to queue for a random group for Heroic Dungeons, and is $60 a fair price for an additional instant lvl 90? Additionally note that next week there will not be a podcast.